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Thank you for having this blog.

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However, and this might sound sad. Marrying a non-Mormon is not something you do it is something that happens.

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We have 5 kids and my eldest wants to become a doctor. Thanks for the help. I like to think that what you said really resonated with her.

What a joke for an archaeologist. Take extra care to communicate your needs once a week- don't do it every day.

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I know we don't know each other, but it seems like we all share a commonality that connects us all very deeply. There is NO guarantee that marrying a returned missionary RM in the temple equates with love and happiness. I am married to an ongologist for 16years. Hell we haven't even gone in a date yet. It sucks but ultimately what Mormonism does to people is it makes them value adherence to church more than their relationships with people.

I let her know I'd been reading on LDS. But I can't figure out whether or not we will ever get to that stage with the current situation and I'm scared of wasting my time waiting for things to get better.

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This is a very delicate territory, so tread carefully. They may need much more than casual contact with the church to see the truth in it. Having said this, there are several aspects of this particular religion that you need to be aware of as these will greatly affect how she will approach you and the relationship as a whole.

Now a basic overview of the gospel. I'm pretty disturbed by the level of dismissiveness seen in many of the comments here. We have been married a mere 3. It's also possible that deep down she's like many of us here, and her shelf will break and she'll want out.